Here is the detailed clear cut on DJ trailer.

Article By Nitheesh Reddy


Inspite of all the odds , the most awaited flick DJ ( Duvvada Jagannadham ) starring stylish star Allu Arjun and glamorous Pooja hedge directed by Harish shankar is gearing up for its release on june 23rd .

The movie team has released its theatrical trailer in the presence of all the directors who are associated to its production house Sri venkateswara creations.

Have a look at the trailer : Https://

Highlights of DJ trailer :

✓ Allu arjun style
✓ Pooja hegde glamour
✓ Technical values
✓ Harish takeup
✓ Background score
✓ Dailouges
Analaysis of trailer :

◇ Right from the beginning the buzz is that Allu Arjun is playing a dual role but if you observe that the both roles are having same mannerisms . So that Allu Arjun is single role with two getup variations.

◇ The dailouge said by Allu Arjun “Manam chese pani lo manchi kanapadithe chalu , manishi kanapadakarledhu ” says that he is fighting for a good cause by hiding his identity.

◇ And you can observe a group of members with Allu Arjun with in a well proffesionalised costumes and those laser lights in their hands gives us a scope to imagine that the second characterization may be a spy or a CBI officer.

◇ And finally the shot with Guns and Rudraksha shows that the movie is going to be a war between good (Rudraksha) , and bad (Guns).

Talk of trailer:
When everyone imagined that Allu Arjun will imitate previous bhramin roles , he came up with his own diction . He showed Natavishwaroopam (class,mass,romance, emotions , comedy , stylish , aggressivness ) in just 1:30mins , just imagine 3hrs movie how it would going to be .

We all know what is impact created by one liners from Allu Arjun : chaala bagodhu (S/O Satyamurthy) , gammunandavoy (Rudramadevi) , devudaa.. (Race gurram ) and now he is coming up with a new trend setting line sabya samajaniki em messege iddamaani with DJ.

Irrecpective to average talk the trailer , it has setten a new record by getting 7.4 Million views within 24 hours [4.4M Youtube views , 3M Facebook Views] which is a non bahubali record.

As we can’t judge a book by it’s cover and a movie by its trailer let us wait till june 23rd for the movie . Hope that it will be a hattrick hit for the combo Allu Arjun and Dil raju after Aarya and Parugu .
All the best to the whole team of DJ from Popcorn Shows.

cheers and comment your view of Trailer.


  • Lokesh

    Nice Analysis…and Also well said???
    Yes We can’t Judge a Movie By Just watching Trailer or Teaser…
    Eagerly waiting for the Movie.Can’t Wait Till 23rd Excitement at peaks?

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